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Servicing The Portland Metropolitan area since 1988

Portland Oregons first full time mole trapping service

Licensed & Insured

Office: (503)742-0839
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We offer one month mole trapping, or multi-month services based
on your needs. One month is usually sufficient to take care
of most problems. Give us a call and get started today!

It's safe, no dangerous chemicals used! Reliable, rapid response!
 Low prices.
Traps are covered and clearly marked for your
children and pets saftey. Your property is monitored as needed and we usually have the mole or moles trapped within the first week. We will however, return for any new activity within the
remainder of the warranty period.

Special care we would like to know about

  • Locked Gates
  • Dangerous dogs
  • If your property is larger than a half acre



Information Leading to the 
capture of the mole.
The mole is considered destructive
and may not be working alone.

Mole Patrol Exterminators is locally owned and operated. I'm A native Oregonian that grew up in Lake Oswego OR. and now live in West Linn OR.  Mole Patrol was established in 1988 when I noticed A need for this type of service. As the word got out, we quickly established a following of Landscape Professionals, Property Management businesses and home owners alike.


Moles are normally found in soft moist soil. Evidence of moles in your lawn or flower beds is easy to spot by mounds of soil, or surface tunnels just beneath the surface of your lawn. Moles have a voracious appetite and can eat 70 to 100 percent of their weight daily. They feed while burrowing just below the ground surface where their preferred food includes insects, grubs, earthworms and other insect larvae. For this reason moles are considered insectivores not rodents. Damage to bulbs, flowers and vegetables, while often blamed on moles, usually is caused by mice using mole runways or by injury caused by moles while digging for food. Moles live alone, but burrow systems of several moles may connect. Burrowing occurs year round, peaking during warm wet months. When making feeding tunnels near the ground surface, moles may burrow as fast as one foot per minute. A single mole can create an extensive network of burrows. Therefore, one animal can be responsible for considerable amount of damage to a lawn or garden.